About the Apothecary

Beloved Earth Apothecary is the life-long accumulation of knowledge and love of Mother Nature, founded by alchemist and herbalist Samantha Gradoville

Historically, the term "Apothecary" referred to a skilled professional who practiced the art of preparing and dispensing medicines.  It has since become more widely known as a place where you can buy natural remedies, herbal medicines, and potions.  In this way, both Beloved Earth and its founder, Samantha Gradoville, serve as ApothecaryTheir main mission is to create a wide variety of herbal medicines to help others heal themselves through Mother Nature.  

Every batch of Beloved Earth's herbal medicine is carefully hand-extracted by Samantha using ancient alchemical methods and healing intention.  The different processes of her extractions can take weeks, months, or even years to complete to perfect fruition.

Samantha's love and self-education of Mother Nature started from the moment she arrived in the world.  She was born with a special connection, intuition, and understanding of nature that simply cannot be taught.  She has since studied herbalism formally, learning from Susun Weed at her Wise Woman School, and received education on essential oils and aromatherapy through The School for Aromatic Studies in NYC.  She has also extensively studied both philosophical and operational alchemy, completing a 6-month apprenticeship in Taos, New Mexico.  She currently is apprentice to Roger Lambert, member of the International Alchemy Guild and founder of Eaux Chaotiques.